Carrom boards - handmade in London
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Our range of carrom boardsOur range of carrom boards
For more information about each type of carrom board, and to see the boards that we have for sale please select from the following options:
Small boards  80 to 130
Small boards £80 to £130
Now in stock
Club Select boards 140
Club Select boards £140
Sorry - no longer available

Club Special boards 180
Club Special boards £180
Now in stock
Tournament boards 240
Tournament boards £240
Now in stock
Carrom Accessories
Carrom Accessories

We produce a variety of carrom boards that vary in size, design, colour and frame style.

Most of our boards have a standard 740x740mm playing surface (the international standard). We also produce a small board with a 580x580mm playing surface.

We produce boards with three different designs: compass, carnival or dreamcatcher. Each design will be produced in several different colour schemes which will also vary from print run to print run.

The frame styles we produce are: Tournament, Club Special, Club Select, Club Standard and Small.

The Tournament and Club Special boards use 12mm plywood and have rounded internal corners which reduces bounceback quite significantly.

The Small, Club Standard and Club Select boards use 9mm plywood and have square internal corners.
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