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Club Select Description
Ash frame with square internal corners.
Price includes full set of resin pieces, powder, striker and rules.

The best looking boards are selected for the Club Select, which also uses a heavier frame and pocket covers on the back.

Overall size 860x860x30
Playing surface 740x740mm
Frame 60x20mm Ash
- square internal corner
Board 9mm Birchwood Ply
Toogood’s Carrom boards are handmade in the UK from the highest grade East European or Russian birchwood ply with an Ash frame
The boards are oiled several times to make the pieces slide easily. This produces a superb and resilient playing surface with excellent performance.

The designs are screen printed onto the wood. Ash frames and birchwood ply boards vary in grain pattern and colour to make the visual texture of each board unique.

To play you lay the board over a dining table or coffee table. From the moment you begin, Carrom is immediately exciting. At a beginners level it is fun to make the pieces fly across the board and disappear into one of the corner pockets. With a little practice you can control the pieces to achieve more complex shots.

There are many versions and variations, ranging from a simple race to win points through to more complex and sophisticated games played at club and international tournament level.

I produce small, standard, select, special or tournament boards. The differences between the boards are:
1. the size of the frame wood used
2. the thickness of the board
3. The quality of the board
4. the finishing touches

each come in either a compass or carnival design.
Games by Category > Carrom > Club Select boards £140