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Chinese Chequers

Chinese Chequers

Please phone 07930 997155 or email to order this item.

Price: 12.95

Age: 5+
Players: 2-6
uk p&p 4.00

The game of chinese chequers or chinese checkers is a variant of halma. You jump over long lines of pegs, both your own and your opponent's. The aim isto move your pegs to the opposite side of the board and take over the territory of your opponent.

Box dimensions: W: 31cm L: 31cm D: 5cm, contents, wooden board, wooden peg pieces

Compendia says...
This is a race game with just enough complications to be challenging and fun. The shape of the board makes anticipating the moves very different and refreshing if you are used to playing draughts.

A learning ground for the great abstract games of the world, this game will teach any child a lot about spatial positioning and anticipating your opponents moves. A solid wooden board at a good price.

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Games by Category > Children's Games > Chinese Chequers