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Blind Hughie

This is a game of dominoes with very little skill, but good fun for younger children to get used to matching their numbers or grown ups who fancy a relaxing something.

Blind Hughie

Number of Players: 2-5
Game duration: 30 mins
Players aged: 5 +
A 'bone' or 'tile' is an actual domino.
A 'pip' is a spot on the bone, so the double six has twelve pips.

To Play
Shuffle a set of double six dominoes and draw to see who goes first, the highest bone wins. Reshuffle the bones and deal them equally between players. In the case of three or five players there are some left over, these are not played.

To Play
Players do not look at their bones but arrange them in a vertical row in front of them face down. If there are any leftover bones turn one over to begin the game, if not the first player lays any bone from their hand. The second player then turns over the top bone in his row and plays it if possible. If it cannot be played it is turned face down and moved to the bottom of the row. If it is a double then it is returned to the bottom of the row but it remains face up so all the players can see it.

The next player then has his/her turn, playing in the same way. Play continues until a player gets rid of all their dominoes and calls “Domino!” or the game is blocked.

At every stage a player may only play the domino at the top of their row.

If the game is blocked the player with the lowest amount of bones left, wins. The winner scores the difference between the pips in his hand and each of the opponent’s hands. The first to reach the agreed 50 or 100 wins







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