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Domino Games

The game of 'block and draw' is the game that you will probably have played as a child. It teaches all the basic elements of dominoes and is the first game that anyone should learn. You can then go on to more challenging games like matador or mexican trains. For children there are other variations on the game of dominoes, like Blind Hughie.

Rules to Block and Draw Dominoes

Number of Players: 2-5
Game Duration: 30 mins +
Players Aged: 5 +

A 'bone' or 'tile' is an actual domino.
A 'pip' is a spot on the bone, so the double six has twelve pips.


You Will Need: A set of double six dominoes (28 bones).

To Play

Turn all the bones face down on the table and shuffle them. If there are 2 or 3 players each takes 7 bones. 4 or 5 players take 5 each. When you all have a full hand of dominoes there will be some left over, these are put to one side to form the bone yard.

The player with the highest double starts. The first player lays the double face up on the table and play moves to the left . This player must lay a domino that matches the previously laid domino. The third player has to match either end of the formation. Play continues clockwise in this manner. Doubles should be laid at a right angle to all other dominoes.

So, the first move might be a double 6, the second a 6:4. The next player can lay any domino from his hand that shows either a 6, or a 4, no matter what the other side shows.

A player who cannot match either end of the formation must ‘knock’. They knock on the table to indicate that they can’t go and then take one domino from the bone yard. If that domino can be played then they play it. If not they add it to their hand and take a a second from the bone yard and either play it or add it to their hand. If they can’t play this second domino then they take a third from the bone yard. If they can lay it then they do, otherwise they keep it and play passes to the next player.**

If there are no bones left in the bone yard and a player cannot go then they simply pass.

** A variation on this rule is that there is no limit to the amount of dominoes that can be taken from the boneyard and the player must keep going until they find one they can lay. If they empty the boneyard then they can pass. We don’t recommend playing this rule with young children.

The player who gets rid of all his bones first wins or play continues until no more dominoes can be played. This is a blocked game, in which case the .player with the least bones left, wins.

All the losers add up the spots left on the remaining dominoes and this is the winners score. In a blocked game the person with the lowest total wins, this player takes his/her score and subtracts it from each of the other players scores, adds the two totals together and this is his score. Example: Winner has 10 points; Other players have 14 and 15. Winner scores 9.

The first player to 100 points wins.








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