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Traditional Draw Poker

This is the kind of poker you will glimpse in Westerns.

What the words mean
Minimum bet: The minimum stake has to be agreed before the game starts. Try £1.
Maximum bet: The maximum stake has to be agreed before the game starts. Try £2.
Pass: To pass on a round of betting and stay in the game. To pass you must knock on the table. In America this is called to check. If another player has raised the game you must call.
Call: To match the previous bet.
Raise: To match what the previous player put into the pot and then add some more.
Fold: Place your cards face down on the table on the table in front of you. And keep quiet.

Each player still in the game should have an equal amount of money in the pot, betting rounds continue until everyone is at the same amount.

Age: Adult
Players: 3-6, but best for five.
You will need: A normal pack of cards and chips for betting.

The deal

Before the deal each player stakes one chip as an ante.

In this game the dealer has their own hand. The dealer deals five cards to each player. Each player looks at their cards and then the first betting round begins.

The first round

Each player may open, pass or fold until someone opens. If everybody passes or folds the cards are thrown in. The pot is carried forward to a new round.

Hopefully someone will open the pot by placing a bet. This player becomes the opener. When the pot has been opened everyone may now only call or raise. Betting continues round and round the circle until a raise is followed only by calling or folding. If a player raises and everybody else folds then that player is automatically the winner. If there is more than one player still in the game there is a draw.

The draw

Beginning from the dealer’s left each player who is still in the game may stand or call for cards. If she calls for cards she puts 1, 2, or 3 cards face down on the table announcing how many she is discarding eg: “Three”.The dealer lays three cards from the top of the pack face down. So no other player can see what has been disgarded or what has been received.

The dealer is the last to draw.

The second round

Now there is a second round of betting. The betting begins with the opener who may open, pass or fold. Each player may pass or fold until someone opens. If everyone passes then the opener must start the betting again. Then everyone must call, raise or fold.

If all players but one fold then the last player wins automatically. Otherwise there is a showdown. Each player still in the game lays their cards out in front of them. The player with highest combination wins.

The position of the dealer moves to the left. Play begins again.








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