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Games for older people

Games can be used as lighthearted diversions.

Serious competitions can be played and organised by those who want to join in.

Many older people prefer games to television.

New studies show that undertaking mental challenges can help to fight mental ageing.





What have we sold to others

We have sold games to clubs run for older people and to residential care homes for the elderly.

Many older people still see television as an essentially passive activity and would much rather be involved in a decent game of cribbage or canasta.

Both Mexican Trains and Tri-ominos are really popular.

Mah Jong is a four player game that makes for a serious hobby.

You can link to our rules page for games that you can play with dominoes and cards that you might already have.

Some of outdoor games might enhance your gardens and grounds, so you could consider croquet, if you've got the space or boule to relive those memories of southern european holidays.







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