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Compendia Rules

We had a shop in Greenwich Market for nearly 20 years selling traditional games and puzzles. During that time we were asked how to play very many of the games we were selling. We also made or assembled several games ourselves for which we had to include rules.

As we researched the various versions of the rules and sent and emailed them to our customers we also put them up on our website so that others could make use of them.

On the left are links to the rules we have put together and you are welcome to use them. We do not claim to be the font of all knowledge so if the version you play is different, please be aware that variations in the rules of games can be significant.

If you are playing "serious" club or tournament games, seek out the official rules that govern the game and that are maintained by the various organisations that administer those games. Similarly, if you are playing for money, make sure you agree upon the rules (and variations) before you start. This avoids unnecessary conflict.

As we make and assemble other games we will be adding to the library of game rules that are avilable.

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