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Someone to play with

Sometimes it can be difficult to find opponents and that's how a lot of games clubs begin. If, like lots of other people, you're not surrounded by friends who share your passion we hope there will soon be a group here that caters for you.

If you would like to submit a group to be listed here, or you have any other news or information about games clubs please get in touch.

We have also begun to add online playing sites to this page.



Games clubs in the UK (in no particular order)

General board games clubs
Games clubs and groups are included by request but none have asked to be removed so please check they are still operating rather than turning up on the strength of the information listed here!
It's a coffee shop in Gloucester that holds a Boardgame night every Monday from 6-11pm and boardgames are available to play throughout it's daytime opening hours for free as well. The games include chess, scrabble, draughts, monopoly, catan, risk, game of life, battleships etc
The Swiggers games club in London Bridge
Cambridge, monthly 1st Saturday of the month 10am-8pm
Potters Bar Games Club
Board and card game group, meeting every Tuesday, from 7.30pm at the Harvester.
The Milton Keynes games club
This is an updated link to the Milton Keynes games club who now have their own URL.
Board games in the Midlands
Games convention in Yorkshire
The Totnes games club. And jolly nice people they sound too.
Board games anonymous in Northern Ireland.
The Brighton board games club.
Board games in Cornwall.
A list of links to all sorts of games clubs in the Exeter area.
The Chelmesford games club.
Finchley Games Club (Woodside Park, Northern Line) - every Thursday 6:45 - 10:45PM. Board games, CCGs, RPGs.
Play board games online with real people, if you can't play in the real world with real people it's the next best thing.


There are lots of very active Bridge players in the UK. These sites have lots of links and information about local groups.
The English Bridge Union
The Scottish Bridge Union
The Welsh Bridge Union

The British Isles Backgammon Association with links to local clubs
Enjoy 24 hour backgammon tournaments with players around the world in a real-life 3D setting

The UK carrom website with a list of players rather than clubs

The Chess federation
An online chess organisation in the US

The website of the English Draughts Association with links to local club listings

The British Go association have a great site and a very good downloadable Go game called igowin. There is also a list of local clubs and societies.

The British Othello Federation with infornation about tournaments.

The Welsh Petanque association with links to Petanque societies all over the British Isles.

The association of British scrabble players with a list of local scrabble groups.

Play skittles with a cheese at the Hampstead Lawn Billiards and Skittle Club. This page has links to skittles clubs across the country.

And finally...
For one off competitions and lots of information about board games in Britain take a look at the website of the Mind Sports Olympiad







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