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Welcome to Compendia Online

On this website you can buy all sorts of board games, jigsaw puzzles, playing cards, dominoes and lots more.

You can use the shortcuts on the right or at the bottom of the page to enter our online shop at the department you want or go to the shop and have a look around.

Our games rely mainly on mind power and sometimes a bit of manual dexterity is required. We do not sell computer games or games that require batteries or plugs.

There are rules and instructions for traditional games for you to try out.

We continue to make our brilliant carrom boards - which you can order online or give us a call on 07930 997155 and leave a message, we will get back to you. Or you can email

You can also keep up to date with us on Facebook, search for Compendia Games, or on twitter, follow @compendiagames









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